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The Automatic Vehicle Location (DT-500) is our main unit and our most sellable device which is designed for company fleets. It acquires the location and traces the vehicle at real time, every x seconds.
It is mainly used to increase productivity of mobile staff, to improve customer service, to prevent misuse of company resources during and after work hours, to provide monitored security for drivers and to recover stolen or misplaced vehicles.
It can also be controlled by the owner by messages; the owner can shut down power of the vehicle, close the doors, close the windows, etc... simply by sending messages to the device.

The DT-500 supports one geo-zone alarm: an alert is triggered when the device enters or exits a pre-defined area.
It also has a tremble sensor that is used to sense when the vehicle is in motion state or in stop state. In motion state, the DT-500 will be sending its location to the server through GPRS every x-seconds (depending on user settings), and in stop state it will shutdown in order to save power and save GPRS communications.

A built-in memory is also available in the DT-500 in order to save GPS positions if the GSM/GPRS communication (coverage) went off. Once the GSM coverage is recovered, the device will send all saved GPS positions to the server. This way, no GPS positions are lost due to lack of GSM coverage.

The DT-500 has a very stable and efficient firmware that implements a multilevel Watchdog mechanism that is able to take necessary actions in case of any hardware malfunction.

DiscoveryTrack SARL keeps evolving the device firmware in order to always keep up with new features. Firmware upgrade process is done over the air (OTA) and no human intervention is needed.

This device can almost satisfy, reliably, all our customers needs with a very competitive price.

• Location: GPS Positioning.
• Route Recording and Monitoring.
• Track by time, movement, heading change...
• Alarms:
  • Zone/Way Points: geographical area inputs/outputs.
  • Low battery alarm
  • Exterior battery cut off alarm
  • Over Speed
  • Wake up alarm
  • Sleep Alarm
• GSM/GPRS Communication to minimize costs.
• Low power consumption
• 32MB built-in memory for Blind Areas (no GPRS available)
• Motion sensor
• Sleep when no motion (saving GPRS communications)
• Remotely control the status of the windows or doors
• 2 switch I/O sockets (for capturing door status)
• 2 pulse switch (for capturing vehicle horn for example)
• 2 digital inputs (for ignition status and others) with flexible input delay
• 2 analog inputs (for reading voltage like fuel sensor and others)
• 1 temperature sensor
• 3 digital outputs (for remotely control the status of ignition and others).
• Remote settings and setup.
• Remote OTA.

• GSM/GPRS/SMS 900/1800 850/1900 MHz Modem.
• Dimensions: 110x66x27 mm.
• Exterior Power Supply DC 9V -- 40V
• Inner lithium battery DC 3.8V -- 4.2V
• Exterior GSM antenna
• Exterior GPS antenna
• Power Consumption when exterior voltage is 12VAutonomy:
  Active mode(avg.) < 100mA ; Sleep mode < 5mA
• Operating Temperature Range -20˚ to +60˚
• Air pressure 860Kpa --1060Kpa
• Humidity Up to 75% non-condensing
• Position accuracy 10 --15 meters
• GSM chip Simcom, support 4 frequency
  GSM 850/ 900/1800/1900MHZ.
• GPS chip Sirf-Star III (super-sensitivity and high accuracy)
• 32MB built-in memory


• Logistics and transport, merchandise security,
   cold-chain management, etc.
• Die transport in order to increase Fleet efficiency.
• Commercial visit and repair, delivery, package services, etc.
• Monitoring and register.
• Independent worker control
• Ship Fleet Management, security forces, etc.
• Fleet Maintenance Control Parameters: consumption, revolutions,





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