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The Automatic Vehicle Location (DT-800) has all the features and stability of the DT-100 and DT-500 devices in addition to the ability of connecting it to serial input devices like RFID, Camera, Barcode reader and others.

This device is specially designed for advanced tracking requirements where photo taking may be essential. The device will be able to take a photo every x-minutes and report it live to the server.

Connecting the device to an RFID reader will allow it to collect different inputs (rfid tags) and report them to the server online. This model is usually used in school buses and other similar sectors.

In addition, the DT800 can be connected to a handset in order for it to be used as a car kit and allow simple communication with the driver.

In brief, this device combines the standard gps tracking functionalities with extra features (like connecting to a camera) that are essential to some sectors.

• Location: GPS Positioning.
• Route Recording and Monitoring.
• Track by time, movement, heading change...
• Alarms:
  • Zone/Way Points: geographical area inputs/outputs.
  • Low battery alarm
  • Exterior battery cut off alarm
  • Over Speed
  • Wake up alarm
  • Sleep Alarm
• GSM/GPRS Communication to minimize costs.
• 2 way voice communications
• Low power consumption
• 32MB built-in memory for Blind Areas (no GPRS available)
• Motion sensor + Ability for 3d sendor
• Sleep when no motion (saving GPRS communications)
• Remotely control the status of the windows or doors
• 4 digital inputs (for ignition status and others) with flexible input delay
• 2 analog inputs (for reading voltage like fuel sensor and others)
• 1 temperature sensor
• 4 digital outputs (for remotely control the status of ignition and others).
• Serial conneciton - RFID, Camera, MDT, Handset
• Remote settings and setup.
• Remote OTA.

• GSM/GPRS/SMS 900/1800 850/1900 MHz Modem.
• Dimensions: 133x80x27 mm.
• Exterior Power Supply DC 9V -- 40V
• Inner lithium battery DC 3.8V -- 4.2V
• Exterior GSM antenna
• Exterior GPS antenna
• Power Consumption when exterior voltage is 12VAutonomy:
  Active mode(avg.) < 100mA ; Sleep mode < 5mA
• Operating Temperature Range -20˚ to +60˚
• Air pressure 860Kpa --1060Kpa
• Humidity Up to 75% non-condensing
• Position accuracy 10 --15 meters
• GSM chip Simcom, support 4 frequency
• GPS chip Sirf-Star III (super-sensitivity and high accuracy)
• 32MB built-in memory


• Logistics and transport, merchandise security,
   cold-chain management, etc.
• Die transport in order to increase Fleet efficiency.
• Commercial visit and repair, delivery, package services, etc.
• Monitoring and register.
• Independent worker control
• Ship Fleet Management, security forces, etc.
• Fleet Maintenance Control Parameters: consumption, revolutions,





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