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DT-GPSTracker -Windows Mobile PDA

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DiscoveryTrack has built a Mobile GPS tracking client software “DT-GPSTracker” to install on all windows mobile PDAs. By installing our 100% in-house developed tracking application, users will be able to track their PDAs, just like they track their vehicles without the need for new hardware and special installations.

Our software is compatible with almost all windows mobile PDA like Intermec, Motorola, and others….

The “DT-GPSTracker” software works like a personal GPS-GPRS tracker and has special techniques for blind gprs data areas where positions will be stored on built in memory and reported back to the server once the GPRS is recovered.

Also, “DT-GPSTracker” has smart techniques in saving on GPRS costs and on PDA’s battery life.

This application can be customized as per clients’ needs, and can be integrated in with their accounting systems.



DT-GPSTracker adds to the normal functionalities of a windows mobile PDA the following:

• Location: GPS Positioning.
• Route Recording and Monitoring.
• Alarms:
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Over Speed.
  • Geo-fencing control.
• GSM/GPRS Communication to minimize costs with smart compression algorithm.
• Remote settings and setup.

• Depends on the windows mobile PDA.
• The PDA should have a built-in GPS module. (almost all modern PDAs have it).
• A-GPS (assisted GPS) feature could be taken advantage of in order to track the PDA in weak GPS spots.

• Security Forces..
• Logistics and transport, merchandise security,
   cold-chain management, etc.
• Die transport in order to increase Fleet efficiency.
• Commercial visit and repair, delivery, package services, etc. 
• Fleet Maintenance Control Parameters: consumption, revolutions, 

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