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Android Tracking Manager

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Realizing the needs to live track your loved ones or employees without any extra hardware cost, DiscoveryTrack has developed an app to track, live and in real-time, their location using any Android phone.

It operates as a fully functional personal tracker without the hassle of carrying an extra device along, to track your kids, family or people having Alzheimer or Dementia.
It can also be used to track employees that work on the field.

Key Features:
- Saves GPS positions when in a GSM dead zone and send them back when recovered.
- Access your data via entering http://v2.discoverytrack.com or by installing the Android DiscoveryTrack tracking app on your android phone at http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discoverytrack2 . 
- Easy to use interface along with app password protection.
- Can run the App in Ghost Mode and without any Notifications appearing.

Application can be downloaded from Play store below:


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