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Micro Personal Tracker

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It is a portable AGPS tracking device which can be used as an emergency cellular phone with speed dialing for two-way voice communication. It can silently call any emergency number for immediate assistance. The emergency silent call feature also provides a message which can report the time, date, speed, heading, and location of a person in distress.

The Personal Tracker can operate in both SMS and GPRS modes. This gives it the ability to transmit its position as a text message, or it can be monitored in real-time via the internet. It has a Geo-Fence feature that can trigger an alert when the device enters or exits a pre-defined area. This is ideal for school security, field trips, car dealerships, and security guards, etc. It has also a built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver that can provide areas with limited sky view like canyons, capability where normal GPS is unable to do so. This portable device is very easy to carry and hide; it has a compact size smaller than a name card size.



• Location: AGPS Positioning.
• Route Recording and Monitoring.
• Alarms:
  • On/ low battery alarm.
  • Over Speed.
• GSM/GPRS Communication to minimize costs.
• Park (G sensor) Key: sending an alarm to server when the device is
   moving for trembling.
• S.O.S Message Send to Control Centre and dial the preset phone
• Voice Calls (integrated handsfree kit):
• Incoming calls (any number).
• Outgoing calls with preset numbers.
• Spy call: Voice monitoring function to monitor
   the sound/conversation live and without being noticed.
• Remote settings and setup.

• GSM/GPRS/SMS 900/1800 850/1900 MHz Modem.
• Dimensions: 78x48x20 mm.
• Supply range: 5 Volts (mini USB port). Can be charged from any
   USB port.
• Temperature range: -25 to 55ºC.
• Low Power Consumption
• Internal Battery (3,7V/1300 mAh Li-ion),
• Autonomy: > 20 hours in stand-by mode,
• GSM and GPS internal modules (AGPS chipset).
• GPS and GSM integrated antennas.
• GPS Sensitivity: -160Db
• Cold start : 40 second
• Warm start: 30 second
• Hot start: 1 second
• Update rate: 1Hz
• Position Accuracy: 10 Meters
• Channels: 20 channel all-in-view tracking
• Components:
  • Speaker 20 mm/1W
  • Microphone high sensitivity
  • Built-in Speaker

• Security Forces
• VIPs
• Mountaineers
• Asset protection
• Animal tracking
• Underage People
• Emergency and Security Systems
• Disabled People
• Social Problem Groups
• Isolated workers in risk
• Autonomous workers that do not want terminals installed in their
  own vehicles…

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