DiscoveryTrack SARL produces and resources the best quality GPS tracking devices and offers them to the market with very well considered prices.

We have different range of GPS tracking hardware with different features that could satisfy all customers’ needs. We manufacture some devices locally and customize some others under our name and as per our need.
The hardware origin is mainly Europe, Taiwan and China, all with CE certificates and imported with the approval and acceptance of the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication and the Lebanese Ministry of Defense.

DiscoveryTrack SARL GPS tracking devices are reliable products used for tracking solutions to ease and simplify life style.

A GPS tracking device allows individual consumers and businesses to monitor a vehicle’s performance, its speed, its location and its daily starting and stopping times. It also allows you to locate your children or elderly family members within seconds. For vehicles, other security features can be monitored such as door locks, or ignition controls. “Geo-Fencing” capabilities can be set up for specified geographic boundary limitations for both vehicles and people, and if boundaries are crossed, an alert is sent to you.

With equipment and machinery, DiscoveryTrack SARL GPS tracking device allows you to locate abandoned, lost or stolen equipment, monitor equipment hours, verify equipment utilization, decrease equipment downtime and even increase your revenues.

Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related, we have a cost effective GPS tracking device and solution for you.

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