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GPS system offers fleet tracking and reporting solutions that increase the return on investment.

For each item below, keep in mind that if you could ride in each of you vehicles every day, your people would be more conscience of direct routes, realistic lunch and break hours nearer to the job, less personal usage / time, less lingering after the job is complete, avoiding “personal jobs-on-the-side”, and other factors (speeding or poor driving, stopping at questionable establishments, etc..)

· A 15% reduction in vehicle Kilometers driven, at $1.00 / km, for vehicles averaging 2,000 km per month is a cost reduction, per vehicle, of $300 per month (this cost is far more significant with long-haul activities and driver pay-by kilometer).

Calculate your average vehicle operating cost per mile times X% (that amount saved per month due to more direct routing, lunches nearer to the job site reduced personal use or side jobs, etc…)

· 30 additional billable minutes each day, per person, at $30 per hour, adds up to more than $360 per month in increased revenues, without additional hires and added equipment.

How many extra billable minutes per day could you realize, per vehicle, if you rode with them every day? Using your billing rates, calculate this newfound revenue per month.

· Assuming that just 2 hours of overtime per week can be eliminated, at a $10/hour overtime rate, this figure would equal to over 8 overtime hours reduction per month, or a cost reduction of $80 per month per person.

Using your most cautious estimates, calculate your cost reductions per month due to increased staff productivity.

· Watching and managing your employees speed, more efficient vehicle usage (means less kilometers driven and at risk on the road), monitoring that vehicles are not used personally or stopping at bars, and instant theft recovery of vehicles and their contents, all add up to reduced insurance rates.

· 10 extra-billed minutes each for just 6 service stops out of an entire week equals an extra hour of billings per week, 4.2 hours per month, possibly per person! At $50/hour, that’s over $200 a month.

Corrected billing (actual time on-site versus rounded (usually down) estimate time by rep)- Estimate how much corrected billing you should realize each month and keep in mind that these objective figures (the vehicle stops reports) also make for better customer relations and dispute resolution.



Number of employees
Average hourly wage
Minutes lost per day


Number of drivers
trips per day ( per driver )
extra kilometers driven per trip
$ per gallon
Average kilometers per gallon
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