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DiscoveryTrack SARL offers a wide range of GPS tracking devices, asset/fleet management options for all
sorts of businesses and rich GIS services. DiscoveryTrack SARL technical team has expertise in digitizing
maps, capturing, storing, and analyzing data collection, designing geographical databases using, most of the
times, open source technologies. Our team also, has expertise in creating GIS web applications that will
enable users to access the solution over the internet or intranet.

From trucking to construction/mobile fleets to teen tracking, DiscoveryTrack SARL provides the best GPS
tracking solutions that boost your business operation to a whole new ideal level. DiscoveryTrack SARL GPS
tracking solution is offered as a simple web based application service, where users can follow in real-time
any assets from any internet connection all over the world using different ranges of GPS tracking hardware
with various features to satisfy all needs. Whatever your business category is we are confident to offer
you the best fleet tracking systems and to recommend you with the perfect hardware options
that suit your specific type of business.

• Transportation: Trucking, Major Shipping, Cargos and Containers
• Services: Delivery, Repair, Installation
• Construction: Construction Fleet, Large Machinery, Equipment
• Municipal: Public Transportation, Emergency Services, Governmental Fleet, Bus Fleet
• Safety and Accidents: Teen Tracking, Elderly Tracking, Leasing
• Assets Monitoring: mobile Assets, Non-Vehicle
• Customized Applications: Very Specific Implementation


From simple trucking, to major shipping, to cargos and containers, all kinds of transportation companies were tremendously affected by the use of the GPS Tracking Technology. Now, you can keep track of your cargos and shipments and stay aware of their status every single moment of their delivery trip. Discovery Track GPS system offers the possibility of, monitoring in real time each truck transports, and delivering various information associated with the related status of the automobile (speed, location, fuel), along with revised pick-up and delivering schedules. GPS tracking system helps dispatch monitors and logistic coordinators assist and control shipper routing and delivery lane efficiently. Through the execution of this system, the work procedure of drivers has remarkably changed. Discovery Track GPS solutions provide an endless list of benefits and opportunities to enhance your business model while keeping your bottom line.


• Keep track of your cargos and goods throughout their delivery trips. No need to presume where your shipment is now, you can track it in real time from any internet connection.
• Keep track of your shipping trucks all over the world. The shipping companies can now hold control of their drivers’ performances within minimum cost needed.
• Increase driver’s responsibility through the complete live record of his truck, which eliminates any divergence from the established and planned trip road.
• Reduce the premature injure of transporters which decreases dramatically fuel consumption leading to less overhead costs directly associated with excessive fuel consumption, overtime expenses, truck maintenance and unauthorized vehicle use.
• Receive, while monitoring your drivers from your office, live alert every time a truck leaves or enters a country border or a state frontier.
• Receive real-time alert for temperature drop or changes on cooling containers.
• Receive real-time alert for any unauthorized seals opening during the truck trip.
• Guarantee first-class customer service by providing real-time asset and fleet GPS tracking, and accurate pick-up and delivery times of the well-preserved cargos and goods.
• Locate lost or stolen truck with exact location details and geographical positioning.
• Provide safety and security to the drivers with direct assistance and support.

Recommended GPS Tracking Hardware

The Service Industry requires accuracy, efficiency, and time and asset management to succeed. With its GPS tracking system, software and hardware, Discovery Track offers Service Companies solutions that push them into achieving financial growth and gaining a dominant position in the market by maintaining the accountability of their employees, assets and commercial fleets. Delivery companies such as goods delivery or food delivery/restaurants, and repair or maintenance companies benefit largely from the GPS tracking solutions in their day-to-day operations.


• Plan the trip route, follow its implementation, and receive a real time indication for work plan violations.
• Serve more customers in less time; utilize route guidance, turn-by-turn directions, traffic-forecast features, and communication capabilities.
• Capture job site picking-up and delivery times.
• Reduce unnecessary stress on dispatch personnel with real-time commercial fleet tracking information.
• Produce speed violations alerts and reports on the delayed arrivals to the pick-ups/distribution stations.
• Eliminate over head costs directly associated with excessive fuel consumption, over-time expenses, fleet maintenance and unauthorized vehicle use.
• Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating wait/down time, dispatch inaccuracies and tardiness.
• Locate lost or stolen truck with exact location details and geographical positioning.
• Provide safety and security to the drivers with direct assistance and support.

Recommended GPS Tracking Hardware

As a construction business operator, there’s no question that heavy equipment, expensive materials, and valuable tools, are part of your everyday routine. Using the GPS tracking systems, construction companies can protect their equipments and supplies without removing them from the job site after work time. Discovery Track GPS solutions provides a wide range of essential real-time tracking reports necessary to sustain and manage any major construction project.


• Enhance Construction site safety and efficiency by providing precise location information, even in rural areas, to help you monitor the position in real-time of your vehicles and heavy equipments, and the workforce operating them.
• Maximize deployment of the construction equipment by monitoring the machines to know when, where and how your equipment is being used. Location information helps deploy equipment and workforce resources more efficiently.
• Reduce over head costs directly associated with excessive fuel consumption, over-time expenses, machines and equipments maintenance by knowing the exact time of when your equipment is being used and for how long.
• Produce alerts when a construction machine leaves or goes outside of a pre-defined area through a digital geo-fence. So as a construction company, you can always monitor your machines lively and be alerted on the time for any equipment misuse. 
• Reduce machinery risk of theft and expedite equipment recovery. From your desktop, you can draw a radius of security to guard against the asset theft. A digital “geo-fence” around your heavy equipment or vehicles provides a secure perimeter. Once this asset-centric fence is broken, an alert is immediately sent to notify you of the security breach. 
• Provide safety and security to the drivers with direct assistance and support.

Recommended GPS Tracking Hardware

Counties, Cities, and Townships need to know where their Emergency vehicles are during an urgent situation so they can offer their citizens the best desirable service. Public Transportation management needs to know where its bus Fleet or taxis are so they can keep their customers acquainted with the highest service level. With the Discovery Track GPS system, the positions and the speeds of the Emergency vehicles and the governmental fleets are tracked from any internet connection. The municipal fleets profit largely from the GPS tracking systems.


• Keep live track of the Emergency and Governmental fleets to see which vehicle is closer to the designated scene to best serve the community.
• Receive speed violations reports and historical records of the vehicles to minimize the possible misuse of the vehicles.
• Provide efficient service by providing route guidance, turn by turn directions, traffic forecast features, and communication capabilities.
• Reduce unnecessary over head costs directly associated with excessive fuel consumption, fleet maintenance, over-time expenses, and unauthorized vehicle use.
• Increase employee productivity and efficiency by eliminating wait/down time, dispatch inaccuracies and tardiness.
• Locate lost or stolen public buses with exact location details and geographical positioning.
• Provide safety and security to personnel with direct assistance and support.

Recommended GPS Tracking Hardware

From Auto Leasing companies who want to keep track of their cars at every moment, to parents of a teenage driver who need to know about their children’s journey, to people who want to keep an eye on their elderly who need specific orientation, the GPS tracking system offers potential safety solutions


• Monitor your vehicle and locate your family in an emergency. Being notified if the vehicle has been involved in an accident.
• Keep your teenage driver accountable which reduces significantly the odds of your teen being involved in an accident.
• Protect your elderly loved ones by keeping an eye on them. You will be able to locate them if they get lost or in the case of an emergency. A GPS locator can give you an extra layer of protection and safety for your loved ones.
• Find out about your spouse behavior and location at every moment.
• Keep track of your kids by using the small GPS locater that can easily fit in backpacks so you can be aware of exactly where your children are at all times.
• Keep track of your loved pets by attaching this small GPS locator with no trouble to your dog or cat.
• Monitor the vehicles’ speed. As a leasing company worrying about your precious automobiles being abused, you will be notified immediately if your car exceeds the speed limits.
• Produce alerts when out of a designated area. You can predefine a certain radius where your vehicles or your beloved ones should stay in, and get alerted when outside of this safety radius.
• Remotely enable/disable starter feature. If stolen or not being returned to the leasing company, you can remotely disable the starter feature so no one can start the vehicle again until you go and fetch it.

Recommended GPS Tracking Hardware

Valuable items, expensive materials, cherished products, whichever the objects are, you can keep track of them to ensure their safety. Using the small GPS tracking device, you will be able to monitor any wanted products by attaching the locator to them and have a peace of mind

Recommended GPS Tracking Hardware

Discovery Track GPS solutions offer customers industry specific solutions for GPS tracking. If you have a specific need, want, or desire, we can likely create a specialized solution just for you. Among our unique solutions, is data portability. Longitude, latitude, address, speed, signal strength, battery level, external inputs, geo-fences, and landmarks are available to you and your software application. We offer industry standard data feeds, and we can tune a feed to work with virtually any application. Whether it is for reporting, dispatching, or analytics, we have the solution that meets your specific needs.

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